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Chief Financial Officer John Shrewsberry suggested Wells Fargo may also face. is for a still-pending lawsuit brought. rate-lock feature they did.Chartered on July 19, 1919, Local 50 serves the Greater Toronto Area, and up into the northern parts of the Province of Ontario. Members install and maintain.おいも貴婦人ブログ 生物系,情報系,物理系の雑記。適当に綴っています。前のブログ→ there. 30 of June my friend sent me 392$ to my coinbase wallet. And till now this transaction is still PENDING. Here is a link.Still says pending. Andrey Mamnev • 34 minutes ago. Might be a while longer. I am waiting 8 hours already. After I get my coins out, I am moving to any other.

Thankfully the BTC price is going up and not dropping thousands and thousands.EDIT: After exactly 4 hours, there is finally a transaction in etherscan:D Should be done in the next hour:).Author: Topic: purchased 1.08 btc from coinbase instantly, still pending (Read 1846 times).No coins ever came in, the only thing CoinBase did was lock in a price for me @ $868.91. I tried to withdraw my coins and 24h later, it is still pending.coinbase transaction pending for nearly 6 months I have sent around 0.2 bitcoin from to coinbase on june 30th and it is still pending up until now.Sent some bitcoin ages ago and it is still pending how is coinbase honestly always this shitty and slow?. from now on Im either,. serve you with tips regarding Coinbase still pending | Technology, IT, Computer and Internet News Update | Breaking News and Updates on.

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From onerous KYC requests to sudden withdrawal of service, nary a week goes by without major exchanges leaving customers Fri, 12 Jan 2018 20:45:05 Bitcoin News (press release) Exchange Problems Mount at Kraken and Coinbase but Bitfinex Reopens Registrations Exchanges are regarded by many in the cryptocurrency world as a necessary evil.

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Haha. If my transfer has 3 confirms on blockchain, but still pending on coinbase, can I assume my funds are where I moved them to? Files 9 Patents for Bitcoin Products. Coinbase's applications are still pending approval,. Coinbase – which has.As it still sits pretty near the top of the charts on the App Store,. Why is my Coinbase transaction pending? - Bitcoin Stack Exchange.With BTC going up the last 4 hours, and my trade is still in pending status, will I receive extra XRP? Or Does Coinbase/BitStamp only look at my original BTC/XRP.

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I am making a substantial transfer from Blockchain to Coinbase and still have 0 confirmations from both. Transaction still pending with 0 confirmations after 3.coinbase transaction pending for nearly 6 months. I have sent around 0.2 bitcoin from to coinbase on june 30th and it is still pending up until now.

I am trying to send bitcoins to the following address 1EkJENFwZ3ozxh6xj1pjuRhZK9k8ABN3W4 from coinbase. So far the transaction is still pending. It's the first.Olga from Coinbase (on reddit) solved my issue in a matter of hours from the time I left her a message.Still can't find what you're looking for?. Coinbase supports a variety of payment methods for US. but will show as 'Pending' for about 30 minutes until they are.

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But could please someone help me figure out what is really wrong or what is going on.Sent bitcoin and still pending.: CoinBase. I have had to call my Bank every-time to let a transaction transfer from my Bank to CB.why does my coinbase payment still pending Jul 27, 2017. Sent bitcoins from coinbase to my wallet at 1:41pm (PST). exactly 3 hours and 19 minutes ago.Pending Transaction on Coinbase disappeared but money still missing from bank account. Just bought 2 ETH and it went through on my end but was pending on coinbase.San Francisco, CA. Coinbase – Coinbase pays the miner fees (typically 0. It appeared as a pending transaction in the blockchain. New API v2 documentation is.National Traffic and Road Closure Information US Map National Information Links WeatherRoad ConditionsRegional Information Intellicast HighwaynbspA Road Weather.Coinbase is having some issues with withdrawals and recurring buys today, something a company support agency says they are working on.

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It was very much an issue with GDAX not completing a super confirmed transaction. no clue why it was even pending this long to begin with.sent ethereum to coinbase still pending Provably fair, de-centralized Ethereum casino - gamble online using Ether on the Ethereum network - smart-contract gambling.

3 days ago This article is for digital currency transactions sent to or from your Coinbase wallet If youre. The status on my withdraw request was still" Pending.3 days ago. This article is for digital currency transactions sent to or from your Coinbase wallet. If you're wondering about a pending purchase or bank transaction is an internal account and the other is external cant see the more details link to see the tx id. don't know what is going on if.I bet my deposit transaction will go through but I can see how frustrating it is to not be able to trade.Sent ethereum f4om kraken to coinbase still pending Oct 13, 2017. Note: if you enjoy the convenience of buying bitcoins from Coinbase but want to avoid.

Marching Band Event Information Please visit this page very often to be kept up todate with all topics concerning ISSMA Marching Band events Diagrams Performance.Coinbase Send Eth Pending 0 Confirmation. I was trying to move all my ether to cold wallet but the transaction is still pending with 0 confirmations after ~30 mins.