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Click on the button below to subscribe and wait for a new Facebook message from the TC Messenger news bot.Users do not need to register a username before participating in the community.Celeb Jihad Ignores legal threat from Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson; Refuses To Remove Naked Fappening 2.0 Photos The Fappening 2.0 has caught the same p.What’s up with celebrities Instagram photos. Unanswered Where is this second leak of celeb. released their collection for free on 4chan which.

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What Exactly Is 4Chan & How Does. a massive leak of celebrity photos,. of the last decade have been linked to 4chan, from the celebrity photo hack to.Reddit is a platform for online communities to submit links, create content, and have discussions about whatever topic that interests them.

Reddit bans groups behind sharing of leaked celebrity photos. among other celebrities. The leak began on 4chan but online traffic swiftly funnelled to r.The Fappening: Back At It Again! New Leaks Released. 2 photos. Svetlana. Her years of success at modeling made her an international celebrity that has led to.

Yesterday, a 4chan user leaked hundreds of nude celebrity photos and now claims to have more on the way, including videos. The incident has been regarded as the “.The actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Aubrey Plaza, designer and former child star Mary-Kate Olsen, and US soccer player Hope Solo are reportedly also among those apparently hacked.


Salacious images of public figures tend to get traded around amongst these collectors and used as currency to expand their private stash.More 'Explicit' Pictures Of Celebrities Leaked In. "According to a screenshot from an original 4chan. The first celebrity pictures leaked aka "Fappening.Private Photos Of Emma Watson, Other Female Celebs Allegedly Hacked And Posted Online. of the original 4chan threads, more intimate photos of female celebrities.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE LEAK SPARKS MASS HACKING FEAR Ricky Gervais went on a back tracking spree on the social media site after he was.

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The hacker in that case, Ryan Collins, obtained the pictures from iCloud accounts via a phishing scheme and was sentenced last fall to 18 months in prison.It helps to build our international editorial team, from war correspondents to investigative reporters, commentators to critics.

After getting pounded for giving a platform to the recent flood of stolen nude celebrity photos, 4chan has ushered in a new notice-and-takedown update to its policies.The Threat to Leak Nude Photos of Emma Watson Was Actually. down to the photo leak reached. 4chan celebrity nude leaks in the past 2...CNN 'tech analyst' on NAKED CELEBS:. who also thinks that 4chan is some sysadmin bloke who knew how to "hack things" so he could leak saucy, private photos of.(NSFW) Hayden Panettiere naked pictures via 4chan leaked. Who is behind the latest leaked images? Actress has yet to comment on images.So 4chan got access to a bunch of a celebrity iCloud accounts. Nudes. Nudes everywhere. I'm all for celebrity nude leaks when it's out. He's got 64 pictures.

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Emma Watson's private photos leaked online. Actress Emma Watson has become the latest celebrity to. Images began circulating on Web forums Reddit and 4chan.Business Systems Supervisor - Finance at Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (Middletown, PA, United States).Hackers trick victims by sending links that appear to be from email providers that ask victims to enter their login details.

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Photographs of Hayden Panettiere and Eyes Wide Shut actress Leelee Sobieski also feature in the latest cache, according to Buzzfeed.Photos showing an apparently nude Kim Kardashian are among a group of images that have appeared online in what appears to be a second leak of hacked personal pictures.How a Fake Viral Marketing Firm Convinced the Internet 4Chan Was Going to Leak Nude Photos of Emma. The recent 4chan celebrity nude leaks in past 2 months have.More Private, Explicit Celebrity Photos Appear Online In. an original 4chan. about to release the next batch of celebrities to get their photos leaked.Earlier this month over 100 household names were the target of online thieves, who stole scores of naked photographs and intimate videos and posted them on the website 4Chan.Mary E Winstead, Cara Delevingne, Kate Bosworth, Selena Gomez, Kate Upton, Kirsten Dunst and Kaley Cuoco.4CHAN has burst into the public consciousness as the web forum responsible for the biggest celebrity nude pictures leak in history — so why do we know so little.Your guide to 4chan,. to differentiate the 4chan users involved in the celebrity photo leak from other users who have taken strong stands. Vox Sentences. The.